I didn’t know I was self harming

When you think of self harm you often imagine slitted wrists, overdoses and suicide attempts. Sometimes we don't think about the smaller acts we might do - without even noticing - which harm ourselves. Have you ever felt anxious and started biting the skin off your lip or holding onto something so tight it starts... Continue Reading →


We all have them. Whether it's something small like that KFC we ate yesterday, or something big like a relationship we had a couple of years ago, regret is regret and these things can play on our minds, weeks, months and even years later. Regret can make us feel worthless, ashamed of ourselves for making... Continue Reading →

Depression 101

[Post written in 2016] Whilst depression symptoms can vary from person to person (I, for example have depression and anxiety, so won’t have the exact symptoms as someone with only depression or only anxiety), there is lots of misunderstanding surrounding depression. I hope to clear that up from my own experience. 1 There is often... Continue Reading →

My diagnosis

It's been two years since I originally wrote this post, and not much has changed. When I first got diagnosed with depression and anxiety the doctor suggested medication and/or CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy). I took about a week to decide, but as I felt I was getting worse, I thought medication might have a quicker... Continue Reading →


Ramadan. We start strong, end strong, but it’s that bit in the middle where our motivation can often take a dip. Whether you’re fasting or not, it is important to keep our good deeds continuous throughout this month to ensure they continue after Ramadan has ended. Due to the medication I am on, and after... Continue Reading →

Actual Useful Self-Care Tips

We've all seen on social media, photos of beautiful people in beautiful places, surrounded by luxury and using the hashtag #selfcare. Or those posts which tell you the best way to recover from a depressive episode is to take a bath and put a facemask on. Hashtag selfcare. Sometimes, even the most well meaning of... Continue Reading →

Mental Health. Period.

It's time to talk about periods. I don’t know about you but my period turns me into a moody, upset woman. Especially a couple of days beforehand. That’s when the only interaction I’m willing to have with someone is if they’re giving me chocolate, otherwise I’d probably end up shouting at them. Then, I get... Continue Reading →

Normalising vs Normal

We need to normalise talking about mental health and mental illness in the Muslim community. We need to be able to recognise the signs of mental illnesses to be able to get ourselves and those around us help when needed. We need to make it okay to discuss our emotions, to accept sadness and be... Continue Reading →

We Need to Talk About Suicide.

This year, a man took his own life whilst in Islam's holiest site - the Masjid al-Haram in Makkah. Suicidal thoughts can hit you at any age, at any time. They're more common than we may think, especially within our community, and suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, and... Continue Reading →

Me and My Diagnosis

"You don't look like someone with depression." "You're so happy all the time, I wouldn't think you'd be depressed." "Maybe you're just having a bad day, you'll be back to normal soon." I'm an extrovert. I talk a lot. I get my energy from the people around me. Although my mum tells me I have... Continue Reading →

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